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TRIBE Labs was built with a view to operate entire ecosystems of innovation in Kuwait. Creative ideas become scalable solutions through TRIBE Labs’ in-house Early-Stage Startup programs, innovation teams, partnerships with financial institutions, venturing into capitalist activities, guided by expressed business mentors. TRIBE Labs operate largely in Kuwait and  provide entrepreneurs with seed investments, mentorship, and connections


Startup Money

Accelerated startups receive between $10,000 to $100,000 cash injection excluding the cost of the program.



The acceleration lasts for 10 weeks, and startups will reside at TRIBE coworking space in the heart of Kuwait City.



TRIBE LABS will take 9% equity from accelerated startups.


Services Offered

Extensive access to top mentors, experts, and industry connections.


Demo Day

Every startup will have the chance to pitch infront of the top VCs, investment banks, corporations and private investors in Kuwait.

Accelerator Program

Looking for seed investment? We at TRIBE Labs believe in investing in creative and scalable business ideas. If you believe that your idea could be the next revolutionary thing for business, contact us. We will be providing seed investments, acceleration program, and mentorship along with all of our resources and necessary requirement that will help you grow.

How does it work?

The program is divided into 6 stages:

  1. Apply: through tribekw.com/labs .  Deadline December 31, 2020.
  2. Get Accepted: The team vets the application for viable business ideas.
  3. Get Funded: The startup and Labs sign a safe*.
  4. COMMIT, FOCUS, & LEARN: Teams must attend an orientation and commit to the duration of the program in Kuwait, where they with the help of Labs team would focus on their venture, learn from the best mentors to successfully grow their business. (here they will be TRIBE hot desk members)
  5. Network: TRIBE LABS would connect the startups to the network they need.
  6. DEMO Day: The pitch night happens and VCs would get an opportunity to invest in these incubated businesses.



December 31

Application Deadline

January 19

Start Date

April 16

Last Date

April 21

Demo Day

Acceleration FAQs

  • Above 21 years
  • Kuwaiti national or resident
  • Registered business
  • A revenue generating scalable business.

Application can be found in Tribekw.com/labs 

A SAFE (simple agreement for future equity) is an agreement between an investor and a company that provides rights to the investor for future equity in the company similar to a warrant, except without determining a specific price per share at the time of the initial investment.

Yes. All accelerated business should be registered in Kuwait or at least have a founder and/or the team in Kuwait.

Depending on how much the company needs as a seed, the invested amount can be between $10,000 – $100,000 USD.

TRIBE will own 9% of the business.

In order to get safe note investment we need:

  • Trade license, trademark
  • (Founder agreement)
  • Employees in the company

TRIBE Labs will only continue as shareholder & advisors, and will not be part of the day to day decisions.

Exits are decided between the owners including TRIBE LABS, whether to exit in the pitch night, Series A,B,C or at an eventual IPO.

Our Team

Abdulrahman Alrashidi


Khaled Alabdulghafoor

Business Development Manager

Fatma Alshaya

Community Coordinator

Hareth Sa'adi

SME Specialist

Mustansir Varda


Our Mentors

Dr. Saad Al-barrak


Mohammed Jaffar


Abdullah Alkhanji


Ashwaq Almudhaf


Abdulrahman Alrashidi


Haya Almana


Abdullah Al Dabbous

Riyadh Albaghli

Saleh Alrashidi


Andreas Antonopoulos

Our Partners

We pride ourself in having strategic partnerships with some of the biggest venture capitalists in Kuwait.


Tribe is place for you to work, network, and grow your business ideas. We are changing the way people work and bringing them together. Tribe is not just about space, it’s about  the community. A community of hard working freelancers, great start ups, and entrepreneurs.

Contact us

+965 95008800
Floor 10-12, City Tower,
Sharq, Kuwait City

Opening Hours/Non members

Friday Holiday

Opening Hours/members

24hours access